How to Improve Your Resume and Get More Interviews

Is your resume generating interviews for you? The purpose of the resume is to land interviews and if your resume is doing that for you, viagra sales check click your resume is doing its job. If you are not getting interviews, see it might be time to review and tweak your resume. Here are some resume tips for you to consider.

Responsibilities Versus Accomplishments

Rather than showcasing specific accomplishments, many resumes only present job responsibilities. While it is important to note responsibilities, in order to stand out, it is more important to capture specific achievements that demonstrate the range of what you accomplished. If you don’t give specifics, employers will have no way of knowing what you did or what you are capable of.

Numbers tell the story. Wherever you can, add numbers. To your general job responsibilities, ask: What was the result I achieved by doing this?  How I can use numbers to describe the results?

Organization and Presentation of Information

You should pay close attention to the organization of your information. Resume reviewers can see hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes every day. It is essential that you present your information in a clean, easy-to-read format. The font needs to be large enough to read and there should be a good balance between text and white space.

One common mistake made by those who create their own resumes is the creation of a laundry list of bullets that include both job responsibilities and accomplishments. A better strategy is to write a short paragraph or two to describe job responsibilities and reserve the bullets to highlight very specific accomplishments. This allows your accomplishments to be more easily seen and appreciated.

Employer-Focused Resumes

The best resumes are employer-focused and they recognize and address the needs of the employer, not the job-searcher. Start your resume with a Professional Summary that highlights your job-specific skills. Review job notices and be sure to include how your skills can address the needs of the employer. And, importantly,  include keywords related to the position requirements.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) are widely used today. While these systems are becoming more sophisticated, there are formats, including headers, footers, and text boxes, that can present scanning difficulties. To avoid being invisible, take your contact information out of headers and text boxes in Word documents.

Consult Career Service Professionals

If your resume is not getting the results you want, consider consulting a professional. If you are unemployed, check to see if you qualify for State/Federal job search assistance and research local job clubs. If you are a college graduate, find out if your college offers alumni career services. Many Professional Resume Writers offer a complimentary review of your resume along with an explanation of how they might be able to help you.

An effective resume that stands out from others can improve your chances of being noticed and invited for an interview.  Create a strong employer-focused resume to get the results you want!

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