Resume Strategy

I offer very personalized service and will work closely with you, cialis sale treatment on the telephone or via email, cialis usa to develop your resume.  My expertise is asking the right questions to draw from you the highlights of your work accomplishments.  We will work collaboratively in the development of your resume in order that it reflects your unique personality and Spirit. Writing a resume is a process and I will ask you to spend some time reviewing our work together and contributing your feedback.

Prices are determined by individual circumstances, length and complexity of work history, and whether or not you have started a resume.  Generally prices range from $250 for an entry level or new graduate resume to $500+ for an executive level resume.

Please call (630-654-8540) or email me and I will give you a specific quote.

We will begin our work together with an initial consultation, via phone or email.  To prepare for this, consider what you liked most and least about each of your positions in the past 12-15 years.  Note if there is anything that stands out in your mind about each position. Once I have your information, I will work on your resume and may ask you to consider further questions about individual positions.

I will create an initial draft and we will work together on any changes or revisions.  Once you are completely satisfied with your resume, I will send you a finalized version in Word, PDF, and text formats.


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