Revitalize Your Job Search!

Is your job search stalled? Is it time to review your strategies and see what you can do differently to revitalize your search? Here are five action steps to take:

1. Make your actions congruent with your goal and move out of your comfort zone.

Everything you do is either moving you to or away from your goal. No doubt some tasks are easier for you than others. Take a critical look at what you are doing and what you are avoiding.  In order to get results, cialis sales doctor make the decision that you will do what it takes, no matter how uncomfortable, to get the results you want. When you challenge yourself to take these actions, be sure to acknowledge and reward your efforts.

2. Plan your work and work your plan.

Are you finding excuses to do anything but your job search? When a job search is stalled, it can be difficult to stay engaged in your search. This may be time to find a job search buddy that you report to periodically on your actions. The best candidate for a job search buddy may be another job searcher. Accountability to each other can help you both stay on track.

3. Take excellent care of yourself.

Take good physical and emotional care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and avoid any temptation to self-medicate. Be a friend to yourself and treat yourself as well as you would treat a friend or loved one. Pay attention to your mind and what your self-critical voice is saying to you. You have the power to silence that inner voice! When it starts criticizing you, give your mind something else to do – take action, sing a song, or just tell it to stop! The mind cannot perform two actions at once, so if your mind starts criticizing you, find something else to do

4. Maintain an attitude of curiosity.

The job search path is rarely linear and it often takes unexpected turns. When you have expectations about what should and should not happen, you often leave yourself open to disappointment. A better approach is to maintain an attitude of curiosity about what will happen next. Release your judgments and be curious about where your next lead will take you. Be curious about what you might learn today that will take you closer to your next job

5. Review your performance.

Here are two great questions to ask yourself about your latest job search efforts: What did I do right? What would I do differently? Answering these two questions will help you see your strategies that are working and to also see possibilities for improvement.

A job search is hard work. Keeping your spirits up is important to your confidence and success. Take high-value actions and push yourself out of your comfort zone. And, most importantly, be a friend to yourself and treat yourself well.

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